Film & Television

Uncharted Regions

     - We Go Not Gently                               Voiceover                                   Swords & Circuitry Studio

Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters        Voiceover                                   Halo Cinematic

Melmo Kooko                                               Co-Star                                          Metro City Films


Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters        Art Dept. - Concepts             Halo Cinematic

Daisy Belle                                                    Art Dept. - Concepts             Halo Cinematic


Halo Cinematic                                            On-Camera, Film/TV           San Diego, CA

James Hong Workshop                           Acting Workshop                  San Diego, CA

Dion Mucciacito Workshop                  Improv, Acting                       San Diego, CA

Special Skills

Horseback Riding - Painting - Drawing - Sword Fighting - Bike Riding - Archery 

Dialect (California, Southern)


Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian